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Mindful Mamas: Helping Moms to Focus on their Inner Wisdom

MindfulMamas — in partnership with The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda — is offering two 6-week groups (one for moms-to-be, starting Sept. 8; and one for new moms, starting Sept. 12) for women who’d like to approach motherhood with more ease than anxiety, w…

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Five Things I wish Someone Had Told Me BEFORE the Baby Came

by Vicki Glembocki

1. Embrace your maternity clothes
Six weeks in with new baby, I decided to go out in public officially to a Baby and Me meeting at the hospital where I delivered. I pulled out a pair of shorts, previously known as my “fat shorts.” I couldn’t squeeze o…

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Babble’s Childproofing Guide

Childproofing your home is an important part of keeping your kids safe. Unfortunately, with each new stage of your child’s development, new dangers arise on the homefront that you have to guard against. It’s important to childproof each room of you…

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